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Master with Streaky

Work through a few tracks live with Streaky. With his guidance you'll achieve the correct mindset needed for mastering, and understanding how to approach any track in any genre.

Studio Setup

Streaky has reviewed and tested most equipment on his successful youtube channel, he has also built and worked in some of the world's leading studios. If you are putting a room together or are upgrading your current space, Streaky can advise you on what will work and sound the best for your room.

Business Mentoring

It's very hard to get work and stay working at the top of the music industry, Streaky has been working at this high level for nearly 3 decades! You can draw on his knowledge of the industry and help you build a career in the thing you love doing.

About Streaky

Streaky has been a professional engineer for over 25 years working at some of the biggest studios in Europe including Metropolis Studios, his clients include - Ed Sheeran, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy and many more...

£500 per hour

(Spaces are limited due to Streaky's daily mastering schedule)

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