TheĀ Deep DiveĀ Mastering Course

From Beginner toĀ Advanced... All you need to know.

What's Inside The Course?

1. 8 In-Depth Modules Taught By Streaky

Breaking down in depth Streaky's mastering process from start to finish

Worth = £799

2. Exclusive Mastering Template

Get Streaky's actual MASTERING template

Worth = £169

3. Free Presets

You will get exclusive mastering presets created by Streaky that are only available as part of this course.

Worth = £29

Take Your Mastering To The Next Level

No more searching YouTube for mastering tutorials as Streaky breaks down everything from EQ too dynamics in an easy to follow system.

What's You'll Learn Inside The

Deep Dive Mastering Course

8 In Depth Modules

Lifetime Access - Take The Course At Your Own Pace

A Deep Dive Into Streaky's Exact Process!

1. Mastering Mindset

Mastering is a completely different discipline to any other part of the recording process, in this module, you'll learn how to approach and think like a mastering engineer.


2. Setup & Preparation

Preparation is key for getting ready to work under pressure and still achieve results. Streaky shares his simple setup methods that can be applied to any DAW and his systems & processes learnt from years within different top mastering studios.

3. Equalisation

There are numerous different types of EQ, Streaky breakdowns each one and how they are used within the mastering process. You'll learn what to listen for and when to apply it as well as his personal treasured settings.


4. Compression & Saturation

All aspects of compression are covered from using creative multiband compressors to gluey vintage ones for the character. Saturation is a game changer when used in the correct way and a disaster if used incorrectly...This week's module explains all!

5. Clippers & Limiters

This is one of the most important and overlooked areas of mastering. Clippers are not talked about much but are amazing for creating loudness without crushing the track, whereas limiters are super important to the final finished sound by creating loudness for your masters, you'll be shown some tricks to use their creativity to keep the finished sound dynamic and open.

6. Putting It All Together

At this stage of the course you will be aware of all the different tools, your environment will be ready and you will have the grounding to start putting a session together in a very efficient way. This is the basics of every mastering session, before we dive into the next important week.

7. In Session - Start To Finish

You will be mastering alongside Streaky as he masters multiple tracks covering a range of different genres. You will have the sessions to copy and apply the same settings used in the demos and try adding your new skills to get a finished master that Streaky produces daily for his high profile clients.

8. Sequencing & Delivery

After you have perfected your mastered sound you'll need to deliver it in the best way possible for all formats - CD, Streaming, Vinyl etc... This week takes you through all the requirements for these platforms and industry know-how of how to stand out against all other mastering engineers.


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We're so confident that you will love this complete way of mastering, that if you're not 100% happy after completing the course we will refund you in full... No questions asked!


About Streaky

Streaky has been a professional mastering engineer for over 25 years working at some of the biggest studios in Europe including Metropolis Studios, his clients include - Ed Sheeran, Mabel, 220 Kid, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Sigala, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy and many more...

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