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1. Easy To Follow Mixing Deep Dive

A repeatable process that you can use for every mix you start, you'll be amazed how pro your mixes sound when you apply these processes.

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2. Exclusive Mixing Template

Get Streaky's actual MIXING Template (for all DAW's).

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3. Mixing

You will get exclusive mixing presets created by Streaky... Only available as part of this course.

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What's You'll Learn Inside

Mixing Deep Dive

8 In Depth Modules

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1. Mixing Mindset

The way you approach every mix needs to be the same so you can achieve consistency in your sound and working method, This module helps equip you with the best practices before you start a mix and an introduction to the tools and techniques that will be used in the rest of the course.

2. Mix Preparation

Session setup, and building the mixing framework before you even start the mix is one of the most important aspects of the mixing process. You are given a template to build into for every mix and a method to prep the session so you can save time by making faster processing discussions.

3. Vocal Processing

You'll learn how to Eq and use dynamic the correct way. Tuning and balance are the key to solid vocals this is covered in detail as well as how to mix the correct about of reverb and a few vocal technique tricks too.

4. Drum Processing 

 This is one of the most underrated parts of mixing but it can make or break the mix and you always need a strong rhythm section to make the mix sound tight. You'll learn how to craft the drums with timing, eq and dynamics.

5. Low-End Processing

Mixing bass so it's not a boomy mess, so you can feel and hear it, with separation from the kick and other instruments is the focus of this module. Learn techniques in sidechaining, and sculpting multiple bass parts with eq and dynamics to achieve a clean tight sound.

6. Instrument Processing

This module covers the balancing of synths, guitars and other FXs used to control the melody and different sections that make the mix work as a complete piece. How to control instruments as they go into different sections with automation level adjustments and control over the dynamic of the instruments as they move through the mix.

7. Buss Processing

Using buss processing is a game changer, it allows far more control over larger groups and of sounds and helps to achieve a more controlled, cleaner less processed mix. This module shows you how to go from an amateur sound to a truly professional sound mix and a few steps.

8. Mixing a 2nd Track - Start to Finish

You will have been mixing the same track throughout the course, but how do you know that the techniques shown are going to work on a different-sounding track? In this module, a new different genre of track is mixed from start to finish, you'll then see what you've been taught in action again, proving the methods and systems shown are bulletproof for any mix in any genre.

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The Mixing Deep Dive will teach every element of the mixing process that pro engineers use on a daily basis to achieve a consistent, quality sound for every mix.

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Streaky has been a professional engineer for over 25 years working at some of the biggest studios in Europe including Metropolis Studios, his clients include - Ed Sheeran, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy and many more...

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