Ozone 10 

Start to Finish Mastering Course

Learn how to master any track like the pros in Ozone 10!

Ozone 10
Start to Finish

Learn how to master any track
like the pros in Ozone 10!

What's Inside?

1. Complete Module Breakdowns

Every module is broken down in an easily understandable way... No nonsense.

Worth = £99

2. Master Alongside a Pro Engineer 

Watch and play along as Streaky masters two tracks with Ozone 10 start to finish.

Worth = £69

3. Free Mastering Session Presets

You will get exclusive Ozone presets created by Streaky... Only available as part of this course.

Worth = £29

What's You'll Learn Inside

Ozone 10 Start To Finish

8 In Depth Modules

Lifetime Access - Take The Course At Your Own Pace

This is the ONLY Ozone 10 course made by a
WORKING PRO Mastering Engineer

Interface Setup

Streaky welcomes you and shows you around the setup for Ozone 10 and how he works with its interface. Breaking down how to use reference tracks and the all important gain matching method.


Take an in depth looks at all the features of the Vintage, Dynamic & Digital EQ with tips on how to use them on your masters. Streaky also covers the new Stabilizer auto EQ module.

Intelligent Module

Ozone has some modules that will listen to the input signal and then automatically add the processing based on a few selected parameters. These are really quick ways to sculpt the sound even if you are a complete beginner.


Compression & Expansion can be a confusing topic, Streaky breaks this down in a very simple way, you'll know exactly what dynamic processing to add and when


Using saturation correctly when Mastering can be a great effect that will make or break a master. Ozone 10 has a few different ways to achieve this sound through its Vintage Tape and Exciter modules.

Stereo Image

Ozone has some great tricks for manipulating the stereo field. However it's very easy to over do these and ruin a mix, Streaky guides you through all the things to look for and when to apply the correct amount of imaging and width control so you'll never be guessing again.


One of the most important areas in mastering, Streaky's knowledge of how to setup and work with limiters is second to none. Streaky tell you how to make tracks loud with limiting and clipping without losing the dynamics of the track.

Mastering Start to Finish

Streaky demos the instant AI mastering that Ozone offers and also masters 2 tracks from start to finish. You get the tracks and presets for these mastering sessions, so you can follow along and hear for yourself in you room how powerful Ozone 10 can be now that you understand exactly how it all works and comes together to make a finished master.

All The Tools & Tips You'll Ever Need For Ozone 10

After taking this course you will know exactly how to operate every module but also how to master like a pro using the setup and tricks Streaky shows you along the way.

Don't like it. Don't pay.

We're so confident that you will love this new way of mastering, that if you’re not 100% happy we will refund you in full…

About Streaky

Streaky has been a professional engineer for over 25 years working at some of the biggest studios in Europe including Metropolis Studios, his clients include - Ed Sheeran, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy and many more...

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